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The universe is nothing more then the perspective of a single individual. For without someone to experience reality who can say it really exists? And what is “reality” but the culmination of many individuals perspectives perceived by another?

We know there is a reality because we are able to perceive it though our senses, for example: When we ventures out after a deadly storm and gaze upon our the ruins of our decimated home we understand danger, we feel loss and worry for those who might be out there. We can taste the bitter raindrops as they pelt upon us and pour down our face. We are able to smell the dampness of our own cloths and are filled with despair. When we hear the calling of rescue workers in the distance we know that safety is out there and are filled with hope. Finally once we are reunited with our lover and feel the touch of each others frantic kisses we understand love. We know these senses and emotions to be fact because we have experienced them, or have felt them through the stories of others.

But what about something less personal? Something that can not be directly sensed, for instance Time it self? You can’t taste it, hear it or even touch it. But you do know it exists nonetheless. Why? Because you indirectly experience it through the order of events via your senses. You are able to recall past events, things you have experienced and know to be true while at the same time you perceive the world as it currently is and are able to reason that you will continue to do giving you a sense of Time.

Now what about something that is not perceived within the time frame of the individual? Or something that they will never experience them self, dose it therefore not exist?

What if a star is born in a night sky but there is no one, or nothing, to see its brilliant light or to feel its gentle warmth? What if that star were to supernova and cease to be, did it ever exist? But what if that stars remains were to drift on the solar winds and reach in another part of the cosmos? What if those remains were to merge with the fragments of countless other stars to create a new one? What if that star’s light and warmth helped stir life on a new planet? Wouldn’t that life perceive the new star and unknowingly perceive the effect of the lost star therefore solidifying it in there fabric of reality?

Couldn’t there be so much more we are unable to directly perceive our self’s yet still feel the effects of? What if some of this “more” were in fact something? Something filled with rage and disdain for everything else? Something denied the ability to interact with the senses of humanity and there for in its own eyes denied its own right to exist? Would you seek out this being? What if it had the ability to alter your senses? Would you risk your own perspectives, your own reality to the wrath of this being? What if you were never given the choice to begin with?

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